Bought and Sold

eBay For the last 2-3 days, I have sold 3 items and bought one from eBay Australia, and I think I might have started enjoying the process. You can always find bargains on it, and most importantly you can buy pre-loved second hand items in good working condition at a fraction of the original price. It is also easy to clean up my garage to convert things that I would never again use into more funds for myself. A great and successful P2P system in the e-commerce world.

For example, I bought a branded high chair for Anna so she can sit at consume her solid food when she is ready next month. I paid 20% of the retail price for a 2 year old product that is in good condition. Not bad huh?! However, at the same time I only managed to get 20% of the price I paid from this 4 year old 3Dfx Voodoo II graphics card which I sold on Tuesday, and last night only 15% from this 802.11b network card which I purchased merely 18 months ago.

But I guess it is still better to sell them at a low price to boost the average Australian GDP, than to have them collecting dust in my drawer, which would make them worth close to nothing in another 2 years...