Blogging on MSN Spaces

Via Slashdot, that Microsoft has launched the beta version of its own blog hosting service - MSN Spaces. I quickly went and sign up a site (Microsoft Passport login required), and here it is:

Scott's Space on MSN

After about 5 minutes of playing around, here's some unsorted quick comments in point form.

  • Doesn't really work with Firefox. You can look at your blog, and you can edit settings and write entries, etc. However you'll loose half the functionality.
  • Have got quite a few innovative features, but many of them are either integrated with MSN Messenger, integrated with Windows, or integrated with Internet Explorer.
  • Can't edit your own template. What?! But it has many good looking default styles.
  • It has an option to restrict access to only your MSN buddies. I guess it would be very popular for those personal journal type blogs.
  • Nice photoblog, with front-end powered by Windows Media player. Also allow you to upload your play list, but of course only from WMP.
  • Has a small storage quota of only 10Mb, which would be filled up by 2 photos of today's 7.1Mpixel camera.
  • Built in statistics, with pretty much useless information.

I guess as MSN is going to compete with Google in the search arena, it would also compete with it in its blog hosting services. Google's is well established. While it is not as feature rich as MSN Spaces, I found Blogger much easier to use. At the end, that is what personal publishing is about. Click a few links, type in your thoughts, Publish! and it is public for all to see. After all, I'll take Blogger's Dashboard than all these complicated features offered by MSN Spaces any day.