Weekend Rumbling

I have been hesitated to blog about my weekend. (1) Can't really remember what was going on when I woke up on the dreadful Monday (2) Why do you want to know anyway?

Anyway. Saturday was mostly shopping. 10-30% off at Babies Galore so we went there to get a sunshade for the car, to protect Anna from scorching Aussie sun while sleeping at the backseat. Then we went south to Hurstville for groceries, and tried to pick some bargains at K-mart while they had their 15% store-wide sale. Pity that all Starwars Trilogy DVD's have sold out.

It has been the second week that I could not listen through the whole of Joshua's sermon on Sunday, as I need to calm Anna at the back corridor of the lecture theatre. But I understood that it was just the beginning of parenthood - gone is the days when you can actually sit down, concentrate on the sermon and take notes.

And about the sharp contrast between Josh'a sermon on Proverbs and the apology/announcement by the couple afterwards - it surely is a disappointment to some. It already happened twice this year, and that does make me worry that whether this kind of announcement would become a norm in our Sunday meetings. And I don't even want to think about that how many have actually crossed the line. A localised victory won by the already defeated devil? Sigh...

It turns out that many MBF members, especially those who became Christians here, do not know about "tongue-speaking" in the same way a Pentecostal knows it. It does make studying through 1 Corinthians 14 a straight forward exercise - we can focus on what the passage is really about, desiring spiritual gifts for up-building of the church, instead of getting distracted by the arguments between prophesies and tongues.

Sounds like during the summer break, many MBF students/graduates would stay in Australia, but many "leaders" would take holidays. We will be going to the Gold Coast, Long Termer's weekend away, Hong Kong and Taiwan from late January to early March. Really looking forward to it. And we won't be thinking about O-week mission at all... All the best :)