Total Depravity According to Dilbert

Man. I love Dilbert, a carton about an engineer and his conflicts at work. However, I saw something interesting today.

Dilbert - 12 Nov 2004

Maybe Scott Adams was trying to tell us about the Total Depravity of mankind. We thought we have free will, but in fact we are all enslaved by our own sinful desire. We cannot do whatever we want, and we do not serve the true living God but the prince of this world, the devil. We have deceived ourselves - we are in fact not free.

But the atonement sacrifice of Christ on the cross at Calvary - that sets us free. It rescued the un-rescue-able. It makes us, the undeserving enemies of God, in peace with Him, penalty paid, forgiven and adopted as His sons and daughters. It gives the mortals hope for eternity.