Spurgeon, A New Biography

Spurgeon A New Biography by Arnold Dallimore For the last week and half, my commute time reading has been Spurgeon A New Biography by Arnold Dallimore. It is, as the title has suggested, a biography of Charles H. Spurgeon, a famous English evangelical baptist minister in the 19th century. Like a biography, it started with Spurgeon's life from birth, looked at his personal and ministry growth at different stages in life, his struggles and his visions, 'til the day he died. At merely 244 pages it is quite an easy read, and I am really glad that I have read it (was on the shelf for quite a while).

Charles Spurgeon is such an amazing guy. Most of us would probably only excel in one field or two, if any at all. However, according to the biography, Spurgeon was such a powerful preacher, who moved hearts of thousands at each of his service. While his sermons and the New Park Street Pulpit can be easily downloaded on the Internet, I wish I could be there, sitting on the pew of the Metropolitan Tabernacle listening to his talks.

At the same time, he was also a theologian, who had profound understanding of Calvinism, and had again and again stood firm in the Biblical teaching, while London was flooded with the "New Theology", i.e. the liberal Christianity. A great writer, who had written many books, published regular weekly sermons and monthly news letters. A visionary, who devoted a lot of his time training young ministers and running theological college. A charity, who provided education to the poor in the society and built a home for many orphans and needies. A entrepreneur, who grew his church from 80 to 5,000, planted many other churches around United Kingdom, and had his feet on many other ministry fields...

Praise God for raising up such an influential preacher!

But his oppositions were there more than 100 years ago, and they are still here today. Distorted media, liberal theology - but he stood firm in what he believed, and fought a good fight. The same controversy is clouding over the Anglican circles today, as the liberalism took over part of it, the rest were in the mood of splitting away. He stood firm to God's Word - so shall we.