iBook Logic Board Problem

Looks like I am also a victim of the iBook G3 logic board problem.

Tuesday night. Surf the web with my iBook + Airport, and before I headed to bed, I closed the lid to put it to sleep as well. Wednesday morning, woke up, opened the lid to wake my iBook up as well. The computer came back to life as hard drive whispered its spinning sound, but the screen was blank.

"That looks weird." So I tried to reboot my iBook by holding down the power button to force it to turn off, and then pressing it again to restart it. The POST chim rang out, but still nothing on the screen. D'oh.

I have previously heard of the infamous iBook logic board issue, but was quite happy that it has never happened to me after 18 months of usage. I thought my iBook was one of the better yield, but I guess I was wrong.

So today I dropped my iBook to NextByte near Wynyard to have it fixed. The shop assistant was quite surprised that mine was a 18 month old G3, as the plastic body was not that scratched. In fact it has scratches all over the place, but he must have seen worse. Anyway, the repair was quoted to be around 2 weeks. That's 2 weeks without my Mac.