Broughton Knox...

My daily bus trip reading has been Matthias Media's Selected Works of Broughton Knox for the past 2-3 weeks. Some of the articles have really been eye openers to me, and I'm overwhelmed by the detailed analysis in those "short" articles. Five comings of Jesus, doctrine on limited atonement, "angels" - I wish I had blogged along when I read through these.

Just some brief points for now:

  • Reading through "The Everlasting God" really rings the sense of familiarity in my head - hey! I remembered hearing the same concept been explained the same way before! Then I realised that how much DB Knox, being a long serving Moore principal 'til the 80's, has shaped the theological teachings of the Sydney evangelicals. That would include Phillip, Josh, many of you and definitely me.

  • It is such a privileged to be able to read the holy scripture in the same language as how it has been written. You not only be able to look at the Greek and understand the exact meaning of the original text, you can also see through the verse that gives an ordinary passage an extra dimension. Knox did not just give me the "A-ha" experience - he gave me the "Wow" experience.

Still got a big chunk of volume II that I have yet to finish, which would be for the bus trip for the rest of the month. However, I hope that I can go back and read it one more time so I can share them here.