Tax Return

Today is Friday the 1st of October. To some 1+ billion people it might be their national day. To me, it translates to - there is only one month left for tax return! So far I have only downloaded etax2004 from ATO, and installed on my 3 and half years old Dell. Nothing else has been done...

Doing tax return has never been an interesting task, and I have been getting it done later and later every year. I might as well getting an accountant to do it for me so I don't need to look at the numbers, but then being incredibly lazy and cheap, I had put off that idea as well. Hopefully I'll get my act together this long weekend to at least make a start.

That makes me wonder - since most financial thingy require your tax file number, and I am pretty sure they keep track of all transactions, why can't ATO just do the tax return for us? At least it should be able to work out your total taxable income and tax already been paid, so that individuals just need to work out deductions and rebates.