Scripturizer for WordPress 1.3

Jon Mark Allen added some interesting features into Scripturizer for WordPress, and released it as Scripturizer 1.2. So I took what he has done, borrowed the idea of Bible translation customisation, added a bit of code of my own, and released it as Scripturizer for WordPress 1.3.

A list of changes:

  • Feature: Instead of per-post Bible version customisation, you can now do it on per-link leve by appending [translation] to the Bible reference. For example, Romans 5:8-9[NASB] would render Romans 5:8-9[NASB] (which uses the NASB link).
  • Bug Fix: Now it can work standalone, outside the WordPress environment (again).

Download it, and (optionally) rename it to scripturizer.php, upload to the plugin directory inside your WordPress installation, and then activate it from WordPress' Plugin Management to have your WP site scripturized!