New Domain I Bought

While I do not agree that changing the domain name would eliminate irresponsible blogging issue (more to that later), earlier this morning I still managed to acquired a new .net domain from GoDaddy for 2 years at USD$8.95 per year. I'm pretty happy about this purchase. Hopefully I would not catch the credit card swiping bug...

If it is used as a blogger domain, I think it would be pretty much exclusive to those from MBF. The new domain I bought is:


Originally I would like to get "", as it is the correct Han Yu Pin Yin for the Chinese phrase "團契" (Christian fellowship). Too bad that it has already been registered by domain squatters on all three most popular TLD's. As most non-Han Yu Pin Yin users would have no idea how to pronounce "Qi" anyway (I was stumbled upon it a couple of times), I opted for an easier to pronounce "Chi" that has been used by Wade-Giles, MPS-2 and Yale to note the very same sound in Mandarin. I know that "Chi" pronounced "吃" (eat) in HYPY, but what the heck - it is also part of activities in a fellowship anyway, especially the Chinese one :)

So I'll probably do the same with this domain - letting friends to register their blogsites as sub-domains. It should be ready sometime this week I hope.