Mark or John

Which one? Hard choice. John is the disciple that Jesus loved, and Mark is a faithful helper to Apostle Peter... Oops. Wrong ones! I am talking about the up-coming Federal electron, which always has been the choice between Labour and Liberal parties. It is in fact is tomorrow, 9th of October, but somehow you just don't find a hint from the atmosphere. I am probably having a wrong expectation because in Taiwan, a place where I came from, you'll definitely notice that there's an election coming, even it's still one year away!!

So, who should I give my vote to tomorrow? Reading through John Dickson's article "Voting Christianly!" (thanks to Lilis for sending me that), it gave me some ideas of what kind of attributes should a Christian voter look out for. All makes sense, except, it still did not answer my question of - is it Mark (Latham) or John (Howard)?

I have been a labour voter, both state-wise and federal-wise, for the last 10 years for some unknown reasons. I heard they have a better migrants policy, but I can't verify that - at least when I first came to Australia Bob Hawke was in power. At the same time, both ex-Randwick (D. Sullivan) and current-Botany (R. Hoeing) Major have been doing great - too bad that Sullivan was pushed out by ungodly alliances between Liberal and Green. Not sure whether I would be voting for Peter Garrett (I'm in Kingsford-Smith) though - he is still that bald Mid-Night Oil guy in my book.

At the same time, little Johnny has been doing wonders for Australia economically in the last couple of years. Low interest rates (very important for a borrower like me) and good economy boosts. This morning's SMH article saying that John is considering cutting the top tax rate of 47%, which would be quite tempting for many metro white collar workers. More over, having John Anderson at the high position - would that be a good thing for Christianity in this country?

Consider this as this website's first politics poll, Mark or John, and why?