iPod Photo

Apple - iPod Photo We all know that it is coming, but it is finally here - iPod Photo, which Apple press released yesterday.

There are two models on sale - 40Gb for AUD$799 and 60Gb for AUD$949, which boths come with a special photo dock that can connect to not just your computer but also your TV via either Composite Video or S-Video, so that you can look at the photos on big screen instead of the built-in 2 inch 16 bit colour LCD. Slightly heavier, but the same dimension as the regular iPod 40Gb. The battery lasts longer though, up to 15 hours claimed by Apple. When you combined it with iPod Media Reader (at AUD$199), it would be the only thing you need on a photo shooting trip, together with your DSLR...

Still too expensive and over kill for me, but I don't mind finding one next to my chimney this Christmas :) Now with the colour screen available, I wonder how long would Apple take to upgrade the firmware so that it can play not just the photos, but also QuickTime movies.

There are other new releases - black/red (but white ear plug!!) iPod U2 Special Edition (AUD$569), iTunes 4.7, QuickTime 6.5, iTMS at more European nations (0.99 per song)... And what about the rumour saying iTMS Australia would be ready anytime soon? We'll see.