Great Firewall

We all know that the great firewall in China has censored many websites that do not pass the government's content filtering criteria. You cannot visit Blogspot, TypePad, CNN News and even part of from the Middle Kingdom. While I am someone who would promote freedom on the Internet, today I actually wished my home server is completely blocked off from China by this great firewall!

This morning my blogsite was flooded with 30+ comment spams by this guy from Hang Zhou, who landed here via Google query string "Powered by WordPress". And it is not a spambot job either - he actually spent 10 minutes copying and pasting his spammy messages 30+ times onto different article entries. Too bad that one SQL 'DELETE' statement removed all his effort, but I was still annoyed.

Then while scanning through my security syslog today, I discovered failed ssh hacking attempts are all over the place - totalling 5814 times over the last 31 days! 47.8% are from China (Beijing, Neimenggu, Yunnan, Henan, and you name it...), and 34.9% are from Korea. What is wrong with all these Asian countries?!

So, where should I go to ask the Chinese officials that I want to be on their filter list? Maybe I just need to write enough "propaganda" and "controversy" so they will automatically get this site subscribed :)