Gmail New Features

Just logged into my Gmail beta-testing account, and found a new feature they have added - contact management! You used to be able to only have names and email addresses for your contacts, but now you can add other contact "sections" like phone numbers and addresses. Here is a screen shot:

Gmail: Add a new contact

Gmail has already been criticised with its contact management, especially when it is compared with Yahoo! and MSN/Hotmail. I see it is still miles away from Y! or MSN's integrated fully featured address book, even though it is sufficient (for me) with my daily emailing needs. But it is not a fair game anyway - both Yahoo! and MSN/Hotmail have integration with their instant messenger clients. Unless of course, that Google releases its own IM network. More rumours :)

According to other sources that Google is also adding Atom feed and automatic forwarding to selected accounts. Not on mine though. It is certainly on its way to become one of the best web-mail client, if not already is.