Bloglines2HTML (generate static HTML from Bloglines)

Since I last blogged about Bloglines' new REST style web services, I finally had a chance to sit down and code a little application to scratch my itches.

What then, is my itch? Bloglines is probably one of the best feed aggregator that I have ever used. And because it is web-based, my subscriptions are centrally managed - useful when you are in front of different computers everyday. Bloglines only needs to fetch the RSS/RDF/ATOM feed once every hour regardless number of subscribers, so it reduces bandwidth usage of the news sites and makes it scale better.

However, Bloglines, the web-based application itself, heavily depends on Javascript. It would not be an issue when a decent GUI web browser is used, however I am doing half of my daily reading/browsing on this text-based browser, which not surprisingly it lacks Javascript support.

Thanks to the introduction of Bloglines web service, my little script Bloglines2HTML was born.


I have moved this project to my new programming/Internet blog -- Bloglines2HTML (17 Nov 2005).