Steve Morse: StressFest

Steve Morse: StressFest Here's an album I bought recently and have been listening for the last few days - Steve Morse's StressFest. It's the first Morse album I bought, and I actually quite enjoyed it - much better than Yngwie Malmsteen I'll say. He is not "lightening fast", but has nice rhythm and melody, good tone, and a variation of styles. Not flying up and down the scale in 64 th notes, but sweet solos everywhere. Steve Morse did not win Guitar Magazine's Guitarist of the Year for 5 year straight in the 80's for nothing...

And the bass - one of the best bass performance in the instrumental guitar albums I've heard. Don't I like slap bass?! :) And slap bass in nearly every track? Oh yeah :)

Unfortunately his CD's is not that easy to find in Australia. Might need to order some others from overseas.