Scripturizer for Javascript


I have moved this project to my new programming/Internet blog -- Scripturizer for Javascript.


This comment got me thinking - whether Scripturizer, implemented in PHP or Perl on the server side, is too difficult to use for people who have no scripting language or programming background. Dean Peter's MovableType plugin version requires you to upload the file to your MT plugin directory, and then modify templates to invoke it. Glen Davis' and my version for WordPress also both require uploading file(s) to WP's plugin directory, and then activate it from inside the WP - FTP and template editing knowledge required. What about other blogging software, like TextPattern, Blosxom or Nucleus? Well, you might be able to hack the current PHP/Perl version of Scripturizer to act as a filter plugin for respective blog software, but coding knowledge required. Using PyBlosxom, Roller Weblogger or .Text? Too bad. You have to hack the regular expression yourself to port the Scripturizer over to the language the backend uses - again coding knowledge required. What about if your blog is hosted by a blog service, like Blogger or Xanga? What about if it is not a blog, but just a couple of static pages hosted on Geocity? When you have no control on the server side software - a server side solution is simply not feasible.

Thus the birth of this little script - Scripturizer for Javascript, where you can have it loaded into any web page, and this script will search for Bible references inside the document and make links to either Good News Publisher or Bible Gateway - all happening automatically on the client side. No server side programming required.