School Zone

This morning at around 8:30 when I was waiting for bus to go to work, two policemen stood there near the bus stop, using a mobile radar to catch speeding cars on the Gardeners Road. For the 5 minutes I was there, they caught 2 careless drivers and booked them. Commuters waiting for bus were pretty amused by the show, but the booked drivers were not so pleased.

But why careless? No. Those booked speeding vehicles were not riced Gozillas zooming across the street with techno cranked up to 11. Actually, one was a Corolla, and another an Excel I remember. Nor were they excessively fast. Well, the offence is, they just did not slow down in the school zone, where you are supposed to reduce your speed from 60km/h to 40km/h during the peak hours. Gardeners Road right in front of my house happens to be inside the school zone.

Not slowing down at the school zone is definitely one of the common mistakes drivers make, even for experienced road warriors. Driving at 60km/h, it is very easy to miss the school zone sign. I myself made this mistake numerous times, but fortunately I have not yet been booked for my reckless driving. While I was living in Kingsford, I also need to drive on Gardeners Road every day for work. Sometimes you just don't remember to release your right foot after the speedo has gone pass 40km/h. Even at the time when you do remember to slow down, the unaware and impatient driver behind you would horn and stick his nose right behind your tail...