My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding So last night I ignored Tim's suggestion and watched with Vivian the other DVD we rented - My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Written and casted by Nia Vardalos, I actually found it quite funny. Two people from two completely different cultures getting married together - but it is not just two individuals, but two families marrying together. When Ian's parents visited Toula's place, and were welcomed by the family members - it felt like a Martian visiting the Earthlings. Lots of laughter indeed. Just as Chenny has said, Gus the father is definitely one of my favourite character. Hard working first generation migrant coming to the States, yet still persists that Greece is the centre of the world. "Give me a word and I will find the Greek root..." Ha!

Few issues raised after the movie. Chinese also have very strong tie to the family. Probably not as much as the Greek in the movie, but Chinese parents usually want their daughters to marry other Chinese to make Chinese babies who will be sent to Chinese school to speak and write fluent Chinese. So speaking for myself, would I be disappointed if Anna marries a Gwei-Lo? Would I be disappointed if their children no longer bear a Chinese surname? Trying to be an open minded parent, I can pretend to reply "No way! She can choose whoever she is happy with." But deep in one's heart, all parents have their own plan.

Even more difficult question is - if your daughter really marries a Gwei-Lo, and his family is like Martians to you, would you be able to accept and approve, and still give good things to them, just like what Gus the father has done in the movie?

Maybe I should not think that much in advance. Anna is not even 3 months old...