Mental Notes

Today I decided that I want to do something different. Instead of catching 343 at the bus stop right in front of my house, I decided to go to Nine Ways to catch a 39x bus to go to work via Anzac Parade. I got out of the house at 8:25am, and here is the story:

Power walk to 9 Ways with a 3.5kg notebook.
... 8 minutes
Waiting for the right bus to arrive.
... 3 minutes
Squeeze onto over-crowded bus with no seats.
... Restless
Ride to Sydney CBD during rush hours.
... Distress
Finally got to Martin's Place in one piece.
... 30 minutes

Amount of time spent totalling 41 minutes, which is similar to taking a 40 minute ride of relative empty 343 bus from right in front of my house. So the moral of the story is...

Take an alternative route to work.
... Worthless