Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation Watched Lost in Translation on DVD last night - a drama/comedy that has won multiple awards. Two individuals lost in their lives. One newly wedded fresh grad, and another one facing his mid life crisis. Both of them lost in the crowded Tokyo, in an environment that they don't understand. The week-long affair between the two has brightened up their lives, injected new colours into their lostness. But at the end of the movie, separate ways they parted, and still-lost journeys they continued.

The shots were great, and the acting was excellent. Don't we all love Bill Murray? The culture difference has brought many laughters, but I suspect that western audiences might still be lost. Like the interview Bob did for the Japanese TV show, and the crazy show host they have - ironically I actually don't find it that funny as this type of wacko behaviour is actually common place in many Japanese-influenced TV shows, especially in Taiwan.

And about the storyline - doesn't it make you think?! I feel for Bob. Maybe I am not as old. Maybe I am not a famous ex-action style movie star. But the feeling of "lost" does occupy me every now and then. Been there. Done that. What's next? And no - can't be young again... Maybe I don't have much a goal in life, so the idea of "mid-life crisis" creeps on me much earlier than what I anticipated. Or maybe I just have no idea what I am talking about.

One of my favourite scenes is the one where both Bob and Charlotte lying on the bed talking about how they are lost in life. Bob mentioned about kids - they totally changed the marriage and the way you live, and they are terrific. But then he talked about the joy brought by them when they started walking and talking - it puts a grin on his face. I looked at Anna, who also happened to be watching the video with us (rather, sleeping in Vivian's arms), and felt what Bob has just said echoing in my heart.

At the end, being lost in a foreign land can be rolled back. You do not need to choose to adopt to the language and culture - you can always choose to go back to your comfort zone. Bob might be lost in Tokyo for a week, but he did choose to go back to the States, back to his family and back to his regular job. Some changes in life that cause lostness, however, cannot be easily rolled back. Getting married. Having children. Getting old. There is no flight to bring you back to where you were. Bob still has to face wife, kid and mid-life crisis. Charlotte still has to face marriage, boredom and confusion.

So do I...

Anyway. Good movie. Highly recommended.