Just bought an MP3 player!

Well. It is not an Apple iPod, nor a Creative Zen Touch. It is not even a thumb drive based MP3 player that you can hang around your neck. It plays CD and MP3, has a radio tuner, comes with a set of stereo speakers, and even includes a carrying handle! It is this monster here:

Audio Logic MP3 Player

Maybe not the kind of MP3 player that you would expect, but hey, it does decode and play MP3 files burnt on CDR's! I guess the best part about it is - it cost me $49 brand new! Even cheaper than the original Star Wars Trilogy on DVD's (which is $66.85 at the Big W's, but I might need to inform the wife about my intention of purchase first). I got it from Strathfield Car Radio on Thursday, as I saw it is on sale from their on-line catelog. Vivian mainly uses it to play CD's and Matthias Media's sermon MP3's, and it does its job pretty well.