Full-time Ministry (Part II)

Tuesday. I usually go to the City Bible Forum under the AAP tower on Tuesdays, and Stuart Robinson from St. Andrew's Cathedral gave an evangelistic talk on Acts 2. Afterwards, me, some of my colleagues, and another guy chatted about work and life at the foyer. Stuart finished his talk early, so we were not in hurry to rush back to work. Then J asked:

"Anyone going to Club 5 here? I'm going there this coming weekend, to get bashed up by Phillip Jensen's 'thou shall do full time ministry' talks..." J1 then pretended that he was wielding a baseball bat.

I looked around, but none of my other colleagues are going this year. Neither am I actually. Oh well. But then our conversation started moving to Club 5. So I said, "Hey, aren't there more and more people going to Club 5 each year?" Actually I do not really have the statistics to back up my statement, but purely based my assumption on doubling the number of people from MBF going this year.

"Yeah. It used to be 'by invitation', but now days Joshua just pushes everyone to go Go GO!" J1 replied.

Oh wow. My pastor's name was mentioned by this white Anglo guy going to this other church "affiliated" with FOCUS. But it does draw us again into this discussion, of the "philosophy" behind Club 5, and how it worked around my circle of church friends, etc...

(To be continued...)

I wrote the above paragraphs more than a week ago, but felt hesitated to post it. There is a second part, which I might post that after the actual event this coming weekend.

Then this week someone else overheard the following conversation, which subsequently got relayed to me.

J2 said, "Oh. I decided to go to Club 5."

J3 replied, "Great! Don't miss out this excellent training opportunity!"

Maybe I have been wrong, but never have I recalled that Club 5 is a training opportunity. Well, strain 1 used to learn 2WTL quite a few years ago, but that's because not all churches are privileged to run training programs like SOCM and FOCUS Team. Not sure about recent years though...

I know. I have been mumbling, without writing down anything conclusive. The "ring" of Sydney evangelicals - Club 5 → MTS → Moore → AIM - the ring that everyone is trying to sell to you where ever you go. Somehow I just don't feel that comfortable thinking about it today. Attending enough of these conferences do make you feel that you are missing out if you are not in full-time ministry...

Back to work. But yeah, keep on praying for Club 5 - for Phillip, for Josh, for the interviewers and the interviewees.