Ever since I started working at CBD, daily public transport commuting becomes inevitable. It is not something that I enjoy, especially considering the amount of time spent on it every day. I usually take Route 343 to and from work, so I only need to walk minimal distance - advantage of having a bus stop right in front of my house. However, 343 can be tedious slow. It would take a good 40-45 minutes to travel from Daceyville to Martin's Place, as it crawls through the south Sydney suburbs.

Instead of letting 80-90 minutes a day wasted on travelling, I think I should try to utilise my commuting time to be more productive. Any idea?

A few options so far:

  1. Listening to music. I should just get a cheap battery powered FM radio, and no, don't think I'll spend any penny on a MP3 player (yet). I've thought about listening to recorded sermons, but it won't be effective if you can't jog down notes.
  2. Reading. There are so many on my to-read list, and they should easily occupy my travelling time, provided that I can find a seat on the bus. I've started reading John Mallison's "Mentoring" today - so far it has been quite good.
  3. Sleeping. Maybe not an option for me. Yes, I do jealous over those who can sleep in their daily commuting!

What else would you do if you spend one and half hours on the bus?