My Set of Keys

Mark Pilgrim wrote about his set of keys, and how the complication of life can be measured by the number of keys you keep in your pocket. Looking at the set of keys that I usually carry around, one would conclude that I live a much more complicated life than Mark. Or, maybe I just desire the accessibility the keys have brought to me. Or, maybe I am just too lazy to store less often used keys else where than my already over crowded key ring.

First of all, I have my car key. It is in my pocket most of the time when I am out, even though I am not driving, as I am too used to pick the car key up together with my other keys. To get into my house, I need 3 keys - one for the steel security door, one for the dead lock on the entrance door, and another one for the door knob. Then there is a small key for the bolt lock to the rear access door of our kitchen. I have no idea why it is there, as I don't usually lock that door, besides giving me convenience that I can lock it whenever I want. Finally, there is a key for my garage junk room and laundry, which is separated from my house. Weird that I have to carry a key to do washing in my laundry, when it is just at the backyard!

Then there's my office keys - two of them that lock and unlock every door in the office. Those locks are pretty useless when the thieves are determined, as two years here we have already been broken in twice.

There are many other keys in my drawer - some I can't even remember what they are for. I don't look forward to the day when I actually need to use them. Life is already so complicated.

Don't you wish that you can have something like ssh keys, personalised for you, and only you know the passphrase. It can then open all the locks that can accept this key, so that's all you need to carry.