Mark Pilgrim talks about going on vacation and spending time with his family. I especially like what he said here, after recommending his readers to use Bloglines.

... But really, you should ask yourself if you need to keep up with 100 or 200 or 1400 different "sources" of "content" on an hourly basis. Shouldn't you be spending more time with your family or something? Or, if you don't have a family, shouldn't you be spending time building one? RSS won't get you laid.

With only less than 50 feeds inside my Bloglines account, I felt much relieved :)

But yeah, Vivian and I haven't had a real holiday for yonks. I am not talking about Saturday afternoon picnic in the park, nor a weekend away to the Central Coast. I probably would not consider FOCUS Church Camp or Mid Year Conference as "holidays" (although I often need to take annual leave for it), especially when you also need to lead Bible study or run seminars. The closest thing to be qualified as "holidays" in the recent years is probably our two weeks compulsory trip back to Hong Kong and Taiwan to visit relatives, but the last time we went back was November 2002.

20+ months without a vacation is no fun, and I am not sure when the next break will come. Hopefully February/March next year to visit relatives in HK/TW again.

At least I have started building a family :)