Dependent on the Net

Yesterday's national ADSL outage has cut many Australians off the net. Apparent Telstra made a big boo boo by screwing things up during an upgrade. My home server survived, and it stayed on-line through out the whole time. However, ADSL at work got cut off at 1am in the morning, and we could not connect back in through out the whole business day. At the end, we (a 15 people office) could use only a 56kbps emergency dial up modem running at painfully slow speed.

Many people in this age depends on the Internet and take it for granted, just as we take water, electricity and telephone for granted. However, you only realise that how much you depend on it when it is not available to you.

Got an SMS from Swiftbroadband this morning saying that Telstra outage continues without a estimated fix date. If you see this website dropped off the net sometime today - you know what has happened.