City Bible Forum

It's my first time joining the City Bible Forum - a public meeting held in CBD where the Bible is taught. A company of 4 from the office went down to AAP tower, which is just a short walk from us. Meeting starts at 1:10pm. Al Stewart is the speaker, and today the passage is on Luke 11:1-13, where Jesus taught his disciples how to pray. The talk is pretty much what you would expected from Al - good concise Biblical teaching that really challenges you. Again with other pray-related sermons, it challenges you to pray more. However, Jesus did not teach this way to bring up your guilt feeling, but instead, encourage you to exploit this listening God - because he is loving and he is willing.

I saw quite a few familiar faces there, and overwhelmed by so many more unfamiliar faces. Being a good first timer, I happily filled out the contact form. Hopefully I would be able to come consistently.