Bye Bye Driscolls

After church and Bible study on Sunday we attended the farewell for the Driscoll family. We had a lunch meeting at the Sam Cracknel Pavillion. Joshua led some presentations, and he interviewed Robert and Sue about the past, present and future. I also had a chance to catch up with some friends that I had not had a chance to catch up for ages. The farewell finishes at around 4pm, and afterwards we came home and rest.

It did seem like a surprise to us, when we received an email invitation to the farewell to the Driscolls. After all, Rob and Sue were amongst the few who started the Bible study group for the overseas students 22 years ago, which later on became FOCUS, which is now a 250+ people congregation today. Moreover, they were the ones who were always around when FOCUS grew up. They were always leading Bible study groups, and had moved their ministry amongst the Indonesians over the last 5-6 years. So their departure did shock me - the last of the 'origin" are now leaving! At the same time I am not that surprised, and I am glad for their decision. They have helped FOCUS enormously, and they must be overjoyed to be in the position that they can confidently hand over the tasks and responsibilities to other capable hands. They can now focus on another ministry, continue to serve the Lord by proclaiming His word. Maybe not amongst the overseas university students, but nevertheless - everyone needs this message of salvation.

Coming and going seems to be common places now in FOCUS. Not just overseas students who have finished their degree and returned home to work, but some of the so-called "long termers" are also starting to move away from the student ministry. Vivian and I had Yum-Cha with M&M on Saturday, and they have pretty much concluded on their plan of moving. Someone who were once the backbone of one fellowship group found that they just have to move on due to lack of support.

"What then, is your plan?" M asked on Saturday. Last time I checked, it was staying in MBF long term. "How about other long termers in MBF? Like X, Y and Z?" Don't know. Never asked them. MBF is relatively easier than where M is from. Sometimes it can be too easy - you stay here, and it is too comfortable. You do Friday night and Sunday morning, and then that's your week. And why have I never asked about other long termers' and leaders' plan? Maybe where I also felt too comfortable... Move on, or move forward. But don't stay where you are...

I think it's getting too confused for me trying to rationalise the mess in my head. So let me move to other interesting news gathered from Driscolls' farewell.

  • I saw Phat and their baby girl today! She is 2 weeks younger than Anna, and don't they look alike!
  • P, an ex-MBF girl who returned home 20 months ago, is also pregnant! Gee. They are fast.
  • HW and F got married in Malaysia last Saturday, and I did not even know that they were going out! They belong to two complete different eras of FOCUS, but returned to the same city and the same ex-FOCUS community. HW was a great friend of mine when he was studying here, and I loved to team up with him in 2WTL. I was very glad to see him getting married. Gotta send my regard (on ICQ :)

All great news :)