Bye Bye Alexandria

It was our last day at our Alexandria office - we are moving to the Australian Square in the Sydney CBD next Monday. So the whole office spent the last few hours packing and cleaning, so that the removalists can come on Saturday to transport all our belongings to our new office.

Ain't time flies? It was like yesterday when we moved in to this Alexandria office from our old Maroubra "office" (which is just an old filthy flat), and that was almost two years ago! The company has changed dramatically over the last 24 months. For better or for worse, we are moving again. Getting to the city would be a bit different - I would need to take bus. Last time I worked there was early 2001, and ever since I have been driving - and 10 minutes driving to work! So it is going to be a bit of change next Monday.

Another thing that I am not looking forward to is the new office. Well, the office itself is great, but it is shared - and we don't have control over the network. Worse even, we will be moving in with a Microsoft shop, with active directory, domain controller, NTLM authentication everywhere. Definitely not my cup of tea.

We will see - the new era.