Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as thought they're here to stay
Oh I believe in yesterday

Well. Not quite. Yesterday is not all that rosy most of the time. I am still exhausted.

I woke up in the morning yesterday, and arrived work late - probably due to lack of sleep for trying to sterilise bottles and prepare some formula to feed Anna during the wee hours of the night before. Work has always been busy, but I moved along steadily. Got a call from Vivian at around 12 asking me to come back to send Anna to the hospital. Yeah. Again. We were there in Sydney's children hospital for the whole afternoon, mostly waiting for test results, and at once felt totally embarrassed when Anna pu'ed all over the nurse's clothes when she picked her up for cuddle. I actually came home at around 6 to pack bags for Vivian, just in case she needs to stay over at the hospital. Finally, the result came back and all is good, so we got discharged at around 8:30pm.

Much more to do once we arrived home. One thing is to help my parents setting up their home network. They signed up with TPG for their 256/64kbps home unlimited ADSL, bought a Billion 5100w modem/router/802.11b AP, and have no idea how to set it up to have all 3 computers at home getting on-line, wirelessly. The only problem is, they are in Gold Coast and I can only give them instructions over the phone. Worse even, my parents' notebooks are using Chinese Windows XP, and they don't have a clue when I say "Internet Explorer". It was quite frustration on the phone, and 60 minutes of STD call later, 2 notebooks are now on-line, but the desktop with an USB WiFi adaptor still remains un-cooperative. I did not even attempt to guide them to tighten up the WiFi security as I have already placed it under "too hard" category.

Still have Vivian's desktop to fix. Vivian had not touched it for many days as she was in the hospital, and now Windows XP would reboot randomly due to corrupted filesystem caused by an improper shutdown. My expression is exactly that. XP