Settling a new born baby is really an art of its own.

* * *

We came back from the hospital this afternoon. Well, I meant the two girls. Anna has been a bit unsettled at home today, probably due to changes of environment. At home is a bit quieter, a bit brighter, and a bit cooler than the hospital. Sometimes she would just cry for no apparent reason. Maybe there wasn't really a reason. She is a girl, after all :) At the same time, there is very likely an explanation behind it. Cause and effect, which forms the science behind almost everything. Except that I have not yet master the art of baby mind reading, to unwrap the cause behind her cries.

Yeah. Crying baby. For the last 3 nights, whenever I close my eyes getting ready to go to sleep, I would hear Anna's cry repeated again and again in my mind, even though I was at home and she was at the hospital. I guess what you do during the day would really reflect in what you dream at night. As of tonight, yes, Anna would just sleep right next to us. No need to dream about it, as experience would be real.