Mid Year Conference 2004 Reviews

Not mine, because I didn't go. But here's a collection of someone else's + some comments of mine. It will be a growing list for the next week or two when more MYC reviews are poping up on the net.

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And here is the list:


These are written by bloggers from my church, the Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students.

  1. Felix T: Dodgy showers no more

    No longer do we need to approach the Meroo's shower with fear and trembling, the old has gone, the new has come! ...

  2. Chenny T: MYC 2004

    anyway, quick highlights from myc 2004 ... evening talks by Paul Grimmond on Worship were.. great, hard, challenging, menusuk hati (piercing the heart)...

    the coldest myc ever!

  3. Tim H: MYC

    ... its clear from the Bible that Jesus himself has made the perfect sacrifice; no other thing we do can bring us any closer to God than we already are. neither can anything else bring us into the presence of God as we already live. and consequently we live a life that is pleasing to Him precisely because we are already with Him and in thanksgiving. thus the way we live every aspect of our lives is worship - is treating God as God should be treated ...

    ... learning to serve one another in the smallest things such as getting each other drinks and assisting in post-brain-explosion recovery. having fun with one another during free time and enjoying the bonds forged by the blood of Christ. i daresay Christian camps are like a glimpse of heaven that points us to the joy of heaven that will never end.

  4. Victor Y: A life of Worship

    we don't go to church to worship (though what we do is worship)... worship isn't limited to a few minutes of singing on weekend on church... Jesus' death and resurrection is the one bringing us to God (or God's presence)... because He owns us (by creating and redeeming us), our appropriate response is to worship him...

    It's very easy to go back from 5 full-on days, thinking "I know everything about worship"... but Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up... instead we should be Bible-doers...

  5. Felix T: Recap

    The theme of this year MYC is "A life of worship". In the OT, there are two ways that the Israelites are supposed to worship God, that is via: 1. obedience and 2. sacrificial system. Grimmo's talks were basically covering obedience, whilst the morning seminars were covering the sacrificial system.

    The definition of worship: An act or an attitude towards an important object.

Others from CBS

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  1. the Jane Effect: Over Excitement

    ... However, worship is not restricted by time and place, but in fact the complete opposite. Our lives should be a continual worship to God.

    So almost immediately a few of us have decided to erase this 'forbidden' W word from our vocabulary in the church context.