I Hate Vandalism

I hate it when people deliberately destroy a perfectly good public facility by spray paint all over it. I hate it even more when it happened right in front of my house. This time it is not spray paint, but engravings on the newly moulded concrete footpath.

Botany Council has been fixing the public footpath on the southern side of Gardeners Road due to damages done by the roots of stupid over-grown gum trees (that itself is another story). Last week they re-do the concrete in front of my next door neighbour, and then in front of my house this week. In freezing wet winter it would take a good 4-5 days for the concrete to dry completely, but within a day the footpath in front of my neighbour's house has already been vandalised with engravings of words.

So when I came back home yesterday afternoon, the council worker came and asked me to keep an eye on the pedestrians walking by, especially the after school kids, so that they would not make marks on the sections the council workers have just completed.

"No worries" I replied. I stayed at home most of the time yesterday - it was my last day away from work.

20 minutes after the workers left, I opened the curtain of my bedroom and immediately spotted someone trying to engrave on the still-wet concrete footpath with a wooden stick! And it was not a school kids but an old lady! I yelled out "Hey! You! Stop doing that!" from my window, but she did not respond. So I jumped out from the window (well, it was only ground floor), to tell her off. The old lady looked at me, pointed to the footpath in front of my neighbour's house, and said "but everyone is doing it...". I then tried to explain that the city council just came and fixed up the work, how unethical it is, and how much tax payers have to contribute to clean up your vandalising, etc. She then answered, "okay, I got the idea", and then walked away unrepentantly.

For the next 15 minutes, with help from my neighbour, we managed to rub off the words she had written on it. I was furious, thinking why would someone want to do this. But I never really understood the mentality of vandalism anyway.

And this morning when I woke up, checked the footpath right in front of my house, words in big letters were all over the place. More than one person had written on it over night. Probably ranging from teenage boys to elderly ladies as well.


We live in a sick world.