Cheap (but old) Mac from Domayne

I saw an advertisement from Domayne on Southern Courier this morning, just before I left home for work. Domayne is an authorised Apple dealer in South Sydney, and it has quite good deals when things are on sale. For example, I picked up a new DECT phone from Doro (830R) with 3 handsets for AUD$199 a few weeks ago. Anyway, apparently they are trying to sell out their old Apple stocks at bargain price, and here's their prices for their older PowerBooks.

PowerBook 12" 1Ghz DVD/CD-RW AUD$1999
PowerBook 15" 1Ghz DVD/CD-RW AUD$2699
PowerBook 17" 1.2Ghz DVD-RW AUD$3999

These models are around 9-10 months old, and around $600 less than their equivalent current model. However, a 1Ghz G4 is still very powerful for day to day use. Moreover, they all come with free PowerBook groove, a sleeve thingy that protects your aluminium cased PowerBook when you place it inside ordinary bags. A good deal I'll say. They also have older generation 1Ghz iLampMac and 1.6Ghz single G5 PowerMac on sale. Do check them out if you don't mind getting an older (but still fast) Apple at good price.

Maybe I'll just ask Anna whether she would like to have a PowerBook for her one-month-old birthday :)