When Charis and Johnson visited us in the hospital in the evening, husband of the lady who shared the same room with Vivian, and who gave birth to a baby boy just 9 minutes before Anna, was about to exit the room with another young boy of theirs. To me, he is just an average Aussie bloke. Wife gave birth to a boy, and busy over the last two days getting in and out of the hospital. Probably even busier than myself, as he has another kid to take care of.

But when Charis saw him, she asked, "hey you look familiar. Are you on TV?" He put on a big smile and comfirmed. He turned out to have casted in Channel 7's Home and Away. Quite embarrassingly, Vivian and I have no idea that this man, whom we has seen so many times getting in and out of the room, is actually a TV celebrity. Not being game enough, we actually did not tell him that we don't have a TV at home. Well, at least I know what "Home and Away" is, but even if I do watch it, I would not tell anyone :)

Really. Seriously. I don't watch Home and Away.