Back at Work

After one week of absence, I finally came back to work this morning. I was the first one in the office at 8:15. Yeah! But then I realised that the office had some electricity issue over the weekend that made 70% of the wall sockets powerless. My computer is not working. The server is not spinning. The fridge felt lukewarm inside. When people started rolling in, we turned off all connected computers and appliances, turned the main switch on, and then gradually turned each device back on. It took me another hour to bring network services back due to NFS dependency issues. By the time I am ready to work, it was already 10 o'clock.

200+ new emails arrived in my INBOX. Great...

But at least I got quite a few things completed and written off my list today. A developer in a 3rd party financial company we dealt with sent in some XML files to get me verified and imported last week, and this morning I apologised in email saying that I was on paternity leave. "Congratulation", he emailed back, and then stated that he is a proud father of 4 daughters. Yes! 4 daughters! He must be a real calm guy in real life to live with 5 other women at home.