Absent from Mid Year Conference

Mid Year Conference in July has been an event that Vivian and I would not miss for the last couple of years. It is a 5 days conference at Merroo, surrounded by hundreds of other Christians from UNSW, focus on one topic, and really work hard to study the Bible. It is intense, and sometimes it can be frustrating. However, you can always learn so much and be encouraged by so many other Christians. You might feel tired but always refreshing at the end of 5 days. Even though I have graduated for 5 years (wow, is it that long ago?), I have been taking annual leaves each year to attend the conference.

But I missed MYC in the winter of '99. In that year, I had just completed my undergraduate course, flown to Hong Kong, and got engaged to my then-fiance Vivian. Nor did I make my trip to Merroo this year, because my now-wife Vivian gave birth to our daughter Anna less than 3 weeks ago. I wish I was there this year. Even though you can buy CDs on Paul Grimmond's talks, but merely listening to the talks won't get you the whole MYC experience.

This is how I feel people should have gone to MYC - unless you have a valid justification, like getting engaged, married, having a baby, etc there shall be no excuse why a current UNSW student should be absent from the Mid Year Conference. Yes. It is that great. And yes, do feel missing out if you were not there this year. When you started working, it would be much less flexible for you to attend a week-long Christian conference. Or "impossible" when the kids come. When you are in the golden period of your life as a flexible university student, why don't you make the most of it and thoroughly equip yourself with great teaching from the Bible?

So I was a little bit disappointed when I heard that the number of people attending MYC this year from MBF has dropped. My analysis comes down to:

  1. MBF did not grow in number this year.
  2. People got older and moved on (to work, home overseas, having kids, etc)
  3. Relatively poor advertisement than last year.

At least from the MSN message just received from GG, people have learnt a great deal from the Bible this year from the topic "Worship".

According to Campus Bible Study, statistics show that if a person attended two or more MYC in his/her university years, there is a high chance that he/she will stay as a Christian for the next 20 years. I cannot remember where I heard this statistics from (it was last year), but at the end it is only a statistics that represents the norm. You shall put your trust in God, not statistics! Nevertheless, it gave us an indication on how serious a person might be regarding to Christianity.

What saddens me is, however, that we had nearly 30 people from MBF came to MYC last year, but some of them has never come back to church again, nevertheless MYC this year. I wondered where are some of them now. Some are not longer contactable, and will probably never be contacted by us again as Vivian, who used to contact and meet up with them, is now too busy with the baby. Or maybe God has His own plan, that he will call his people back at an appropriate time.

One can only trust.

No MBF Friday meeting today? What? How are people supposed to share and express and challenge each other without meeting up? Well, at least I am disappointed because I want to hear good MYC stories, while they are still fresh! Without the stirring, I am not sure whether the heat will still be there when I see them at church on Sunday.

Hopefully I will be able to see good informative reviews (not "yeah! great! bye!" type) on this year's MYC on FOCUSer.net soon, from the people who have actually gone to the conference. Yes. Scott is here demanding good reviews because he cannot go this year!

Last question. Did we play SEF this year?