Random "Waiting for Compilation" Blog

As the software starts to bloat, you find yourself spending more time starring at the compilation screen, waiting for GNU make to finish. That along has driven me tired, to a point where little of my weekend can be remembered. I'll just shift the knob to "random" and see how it goes.

Catching up with friends was something I would like to do but has little time for. Usually we have activities on Friday night with MBF, but due to exams we had a two weeks break. So on Friday Vivian and I joined some of my uni course mates for some catch-ups over Korean dinner. The news is, M & J has recently engaged. Congratulation!

There were simple less and less ex-course mates coming to our less-than-regular socials, and I am pretty sure that they too felt the same at the times when we were absent. When the kids come, it would even be harder to just rock up to North Shore and back whenever we want.

Maybe in a few years they can only check this blog every now and then to ensure that I am still alive. Provided that I am still blogging...

Vivian and I sent PP off to airport on Saturday. Was her super-organised, or just like to be ridiculously early, that we went there 3 hours prior to the departure time. She is heading home, back to that Fine City for good. She was not the first that we sent off this year, nor is she going to be the last. Heaps of people from MBF are graduating end of this year, and a huge emotional shock is expected.

That is overseas students ministry. 10 years at FOCUS has made me pretty cold hearted.

And we will see you all in heaven anyway.

After lunch on Sunday, we decided to go and watch Shrek 2. Bad timing.

Vivian, I myself and 3 other keen beans arrived East Garden at 3:30pm, and all screening of S2 were full 'til 5:30. Not wanting to hang around the shops for 2 hours, we drove to Randwick Ritz to check it out. Even before we turned into the road where Ritz is, we saw a long queue outside the entrance.


Hopefully we will catch the green ogre sometime this week.