Parking Fines

Last night I went to city to pick up Vivian from work, as it was her last day before taking 12 months of maternity leave. We were up in the office for a while trying to clean up Vivian's desk, with things either packed up or thrown away. By the time we left Sky Garden it was already 9 o'clock in the evening. We were greeted by 2 city rangers, and ...

D'oh! I did not top up my parking ticket!

Not surprisingly, a $68 fine was left on my windscreen wiper. Oh well.

Interestingly, is the presentation of NSW Infringement Processing Bureau website, which allows you to pay your parking fines over the Internet using a credit card. If you are not reading the words, you would think that it is some commercial site trying to sell you their products, when the big bold words on the front page says:


And then it greets: "Welcome to the Infringement Processing Bureau"...

No thanks. I don't need to be welcomed. I am just here to pay that stupid fine, and hope that I would never need to come back here again. Fortunately the website did not finish up the payment with "Thank you for paying fine at Infringement Processing Bureau. Looking forward to see you again."

But still, 68 dollars more debt to pay in my credit card.