I feel achieving

... when the little 1-year-old Calvin stopped crying in my arms. That is the sense of satisfaction that I have not previously experienced. I could actually calm a child!

It was my first time working in Creche.

Thanks to the special "kindness" of other "mums" from Asian-Australian Bible Church, I had been put on roster this morning at Creche to take care 6 months to 2-year-old babies, as they said that I would need some training. Yes, I definitely need some training on child caring, but usually I am just too scared to practise with someone else's kids. It is just like you would be extremely worrying when you are driving your friend's beemers with only a learner's plate. But anyway, being somewhat optimistic about the situation, I have accepted the enrollment and turned up to Creche this morning.

It turned out to be quite an easy day, as three of us were looking after 4 babies, ranging between one to two years old. I spent most my time with Calvin, who was the crying one. I carried him around in my arms, crawled on the floor with him, built lego animals with him, drew pictures and dinosaurs for him - just to keep this little one happy. When his mum came to pick Calvin up after church, I rejoiced about as much as him. Pretty stressful, pretty tiring, but very satisfied. Definitely need more practise...

New series on Genesis for Bible study today, and we will be working on different themes of the first 11 chapters of Genesis for the next few weeks. We looked at Genesis 1 on God's creation today, and it was a passage that has been done to death. Funny that no one asked anything regarding to evolution or science vs. religion today.

Don't want to write about MBF's leaders' meeting again. Our monthly meetings over the past few months have been exhausting. Many words have been spoken, but little has concluded. Please pray for that.