Gmail, Finally

GMail Big thanks to invitation from Thomas, that I have finally got myself a Gmail account! I just had a brief look of it, and the interface seems to be pretty light-weight and slick, using quite a bit of XMLHttpRequest in Javascript to make it more 'application'-like. I guess it probably also means that I would not be able to use it under my text-mode browsers.

Okay. I am now having email accounts on Gmail, AventureMail and SpyMac, totalling 4 gigabytes of mailbox space - I wonder whether I am ever going to use them all. AventureMail is currently my favourite - good looking interface, double the mailbox size, and no advertisement (yet)! However, I actually quite like the way Googlebots crawl through my inboxes so I can quickly find my archived email.

I wonder who else is going to give me another gig :)