First eBay Experience

eBay Logo Compare to my previous boring auction experience in real estate, bidding on eBay has been much more dynamic. I have had my eBay account for more than 4 years, but just then was my very first experience in bidding for an item. The item we want to buy is a second hand Safe n Sound baby capsule. And I lost. Right on the last minute :(

Vivian and I have been eying on this capsule for the last couple of days when it was listed on the baby section of eBay. A new one would cost more than 200 dollars, and you can probably grab a used one in good condition for less than half the price. I started bidding (and re-learn the system) around 24 hours prior to the closing time, but did not realise the real action only starts 2 hours before.

The highest bidding price nearly tripled on the last two hours, and I have been out-bidded several times. That's okay. It is Sunday evening and I had plenty of time. However, at 5 minutes before closing, the price has been raised to a point that has exceeded our "budget", i.e. the maximum bid that Vivian and I have agreed to. Alright. I was going to give up, but hey, it was a good capsule! Good condition, never had an accident, and is local to be picked up. The price is still well below the retail price of a brand new unit...

So I said to myself, well, just give it another go. I upped the maximum a bit, click on "Submit", and then the screen fleshes "You are currently the highest", and "0 minute left". Wow! Am I the winner of the auction? By the time I refreshed again the page, the auction has closed. However, the field where the highest bidder is placed does not have my sign in name. Aargh! I have been out-bidded on the last minute! Checking the bidding history, I had actually been out-bidded by two bidders at that tiny less-than-60-second interval....

What can I say? D'oh!

Sounds like it is time to do more shopping...

As you can see, we are still working out a solution to transport our new born baby. We can either get a capsule, or a convertible baby seat. I felt using a capsule is easier for new born babies, and we are not in hurry to buy a fully reclinable stroller. On the other hand, a convertible seems to last longer as it can be used as a baby car seat as well. I asked my colleagues at work, and each of them would have different opinions on which one is better.

But we just want something cheap economical.

At the same time, I was wondering whether Vivian and I have been too cheap and too stingy. We have been shopping for a stroller that is light, easy to fold with one hand, can fully recline, and has to be cheap. I am already a bit disheartened that whether this quest will ever succeed. Knowing someone whose financial situation might be worse than us but are willing to buy a $400 pram for their baby, maybe we should re-consider our budget again.