Work, work, work

I don't usually blog about interesting things happening at work, because:

  1. Confidentiality. No, I would not mention any of our world domination plans.
  2. What interesting things? What do you expect from a room full of code monkeys?
  3. Colleagues do check out this site once a while. How annoying!

Yesterday we interviewed a guy applying for a junior developer graduate position. [YES! We are hiring!] We had an Indonesian guy, which we can tell from his name and his accent. Must be pretty smart, with straight D and HD's, but one interviewer found it difficult to communicate because of the accent. I am fine as I am already used to how friends in Pelita speak.

However, when enquired about CORBA, he said that he has no experience, but asked, "isn't CORBA succeeded by .NET?".

Well done, Microsoft! You have successfully brain-washed another CS graduate!

One colleague did a demo of our CRM software, using a database populated with 3,000+ dummy clients, all have dummy email addresses at or I guess he might be too excited about the mass emailing feature, so he demonstrated on the spot - and mailed out to 3,000+ dummy clients!

While we are experiencing massive bounces, there got to be some hits.

I have been debugging some Javascript issue at work that causes IE6 to crash hard. It is pretty fruitless as different IE patch level would crash at different places, even though all of them report to be IE6SP1! At the end I suspected that IE does not do garbage collection properly when the page unloads, so I am now trying to add some onunload() event handler to manually clean things up.

If you have quite a few frames and iframes, nested, and generated using document.write(), you might find onunload() handler not working at all.

Use unbeforeunload() if it is the case. However, Mozilla does not support for this event until the up-coming 1.7.