Scripturizer for WordPress

In response to MeanDean's request, I have migrated my original PHP scripturizer to the same level of functionality as his latest Perl version, as well as adding WordPress plugin capability to add Bible reference links through content filter.


To use it as a WordPress plugin, simply place the downloaded PHP file into wp-content/plugins/ directory inside your WordPress installation, and then activate "Scripturizer" from the Plugin Manager page. By default it would use the English Standard Version at Good News Publisher, but it is possible to configure it to use other translations available at Bible Gateway. Please modify the source code and change the constant DEFAULT_SCRIPTURIZER_VERSION to another Bible translation.

Having Scripturizer as content filter is not terribly fast. On my lowly 400Mhz Celery server, it makes the index page to load 35% slower. But it is a pitfall of dynamically generated pages in WordPress, as opposed to statically generated pages in Movable Type. I am hoping the future versions of WP would have better caching system to perform some "semi-static" page generations.

To use Scripturizer as a PHP module, simply call the function Scripturizer::scripturize() with text as the first argument, and Bible version as an optional second argument. For example:

echo Scripturizer::scripturize('Pick your choice in John 3:36.', 'NIV');

Future Development

MeanDean from Heal Your Church Website has been thinking of starting a SourceForge project on scripturizer, to centralise development in various programming languages. Glen Davis from Chi Alpha Fellowship @ Standford has also implemented an independent version in PHP, which also includes other improvements. Hopefully all the developments will roll into one soon.

And I don't mind making a Python version of it.