Saturday morning shopping

Joe Satriani with Ibanez JS It is nice to go shopping on a quiet sunny Saturday morning - in front of my iBook. There are 3 music CD's I bought.

  • Flying in a Blue Dream - my all time favourite but was stolen 5 years ago but too lazy to replace it. Finally got my act together...
  • Strange Beautiful Music - isn't it weird that a fan like me did not buy it when it was released 2 years ago? Anyway, bought it on-line for AUD$22.95.
  • Is There Love in Space - just released 2 weeks ago and it has been difficult to source one in Australia. Just wish I could order it via iTune Music Store, but anyway, found one delivered for AUD$22.95 as well.

Did I mention that all of them are guitar albums by Joe Satriani? :) Yeah. I really have high hope in his new release "Is There Love in Space", after listening to the samples on his website. Others have commented that even though it might not be his best, it has certainly returned to his styles of late '80s and early '90s. The last music album I bought, Engine of Creation, is just too much techno and not enough real melody.

Can't wait.

PS. If you got confused by the image above - no, I did not get an Ibanze JS series...