Rich Christian, Poor Christian

The topic of FOCUS Team this session has been "mission", and last few weeks we have been looking at historical missionaries of countries in South East Asia, the Christians there, the problems they are facing, and how we can pray for them. An interesting issue that sprang from my mind last night when I came home. From the statistics, why there are more Christians in Singapore in middle to upper class in the society hierarchy, but in China, Christianity seems to attract more middle to lower class, like blue collar factory workers and farmers? Both are Han Chinese dominant society. Very different culture. Very different geography. But I wonder what makes the differences.

I asked Vivian, and she questioned, "isn't that what the Christians in Acts do? They gave up everything to follow Christ." But in this case, being poor is the result, but not the cause. We have heard rare but encouraging stories of early Christians in China gave up their business to become church ministers, but I have never heard of anyone who gave up their business to become a factory worker or a farmer, for the sake of gospel

So, what makes gospel approachable to the riches in some country, but to the poor in another?

Or maybe I am just too lazy to do my research, but instead asking a question on my blog.