Radio Stations

Yesterday afternoon when I was driving home from work, on the radio The Scardies was singing and playing "Old McDonalds Had a Farm" in the tune of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". From "Hello hello hello how low?" to "Ee i ee i ee i ee i o". I was rolling on the floor laughing out loud. Well, not literally, but it was that funny.

The Scardies is one of my favourite section on The Shebang, 4-7 PM weekdays from Triple M, which is my driving home radio program of choice. I have actually been listening to quite a bit of Triple M these days on the car, ever since I started working back in late '97, when I need to drive 40 minutes each way to and from Pagewood to St. Leonard. There was Andrew Denton Breakfast Show in the morning, and cant-remember-the-name-but-with-deadset-legends in the evening. But these days I only spend 10 minutes to and from work, which would be The Cage in the morning, and The Shebang in the evening. Personally, I really enjoy the humour of Marty - the kind of smart witty comments that makes him my current favourite DJ. Many of his contribution really brings me good laugh on the short 10 minutes trip driving back home.

The Cage in the morning is "okay", and Triple M's breakfast show has never really interested me since the departure of Andrew Denton. Vivian and I used to wake up on his show. Their new show this year, Mick Molloy's "Tough Love", is really a disaster to me. I don't usually listen to radio anyway between 10 to 12, but I picked it up a few times when I was driving on the road outside the office. This guy seems to think "shouting" equals to "funny", which is really not my taste.

The real reason why I listen to Triple M is because of the music. Yeah. Rock music since the late '70s that is, but sometimes I have also been wondering that why some pop music got selected by some Triple M DJ's. Another music station that I usually listen to is 2MBS 102.5 FM, whenever they have Jazz and Blues between 7 to 9 pm. They had a long section on BB King last week, which was very very good.

Well, Christian friends of mine might think that Triple M is not really a "godly" radio station, as some jokes and discussion might be considered quite rude for some. For a year or so I used to listen to 103.2 The Heart of Sydney, which is a Christian (or Christianised) radio station, featuring both good evangelical material like Kel Richards, and secular pop songs from all major labels. At the end, we just cannot stand the same Celine Dion or Hillsong pop being broadcasted again and again so whenever the music starts we would switch to another station.

These are my radio station preferences. Yours?