May the force be with... R2D2?

Saw this comment on Slashdot's pool, "Favorite Wielder of the Force?". Very very funny, at least to a Starwars fan.

How could you miss out on the most force sensitive being to ever exist? Ohh and don't dare say he doesn't know how to use it. R2-D2 showed off his stuff more than any other Jedi or Sith in the movies. Lets compile a list to prove hes the greatest, shall we?

  1. Shot by Jawas
  2. Survives encounter with sand people where luke and c3po get the crap beaten out of them
  3. Fulfills mission for good guys by gettin message out, unlike leia
  4. Eludes storm troopers
  5. Not afraid of a wookie
  6. Knows that the princess is in the death star and her exact location
  7. Stops trash compactor from making luke sandwich
  8. Knows the ins and outs of the death star and where to hit it
  9. Survives being shot by LORD VADER
  1. Monster tries to eat him. R2 force jumps out of belly
  2. Yoda TRIES to beat him up. R2 still more powerful
  3. R2 levitates
  4. In cloud city, lord vader knows he cant face R2, closes door to elude capture
  5. Survives electrocution
  6. Creates smoke screen outta thin air!
  7. Opens doors
  8. Fixes hyperdrive when NO ONE else could
  1. R2 not afraid to tell off Jabba
  2. R2 could sense on Jabbas ship that he would free the others and that they are in no danger
  3. R2 carries a lightsaber. Luke lost his. R2 doesnt need it cause hes that good.
  4. Uses force lightning against rat
  5. Saves leia
  6. Can sense when people are coming
  7. Freed everyone from net when others couldnt
  8. Uses force lightning again when encounter with Jawa
  9. Comes up with ANOTHER plan to free "the heros" by using Jawas as target practice against stormtroopers
  10. Survives being shot by stormtrooper
  1. The only one that could go outside while flying and get shields back up
  2. Hates Jar-Jar and shows it continuously
  3. Fixes annie's pod
  4. Has layout of city and comes up with battle plan
  5. Do you really think it was a KID that flew into the spaceship, ACCIDENTALLY fired torpedos and blew up the ship?
  1. R2 wisely choses to be aboard fighter knowing what is going to happen to large ship
  2. R2 lets jedi know that he senses something in Senators room. Its R2 that is guarding the Senator, not the jedi.
  3. Annie and Padme have no worries R2 is with them!
  4. R2 uses the force to make sense of the transmission sent by Obi
  5. Rescues padme by FLYING halfway across droid factory
  6. R2 freely goes into the arena battle unscathed, repairs c3po, and none of the droids notice

There is probably alot more that I have missed.