Intranatal Classes

Vivian and I went to our second intranatal classes in the evening at Royal Women's. The course itself spreads over 7 weeks, and we hope that we would know everything about pregnancy, delivery and taking care of the new born baby. Well, we sort of hoped.

Last night was about contractions, and discussions on various ways to reduce the pain. I also got my first chance to watch the process of a delivery on video. That was pretty horrified. Very noisy. A bit like this.




哇啊~~ 啊~~ 啊~~

Well. Not as bad as expected, but still felt a bit over the top. In the 21st century, many women are taking on the curse God has laid on Adam - to work hard on the soil until we die. However, guys today still cannot go through the pain that God has cursed Eve - the pain of child birth. Something that we will never know.